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October 2004

10.2004 Week 2
10.2004 Week 1




The most famous hotline was the so-called "red telephone" that linked the White House with the Kremlin during the Cold War. It was established in 1963 after the Cuban missile crisis made it clear that reliable, direct communications between the two great nuclear powers was a vital necessity. It was rumoured that this link was encrypted using the theoretically unbreakable one-time pad system - Wikipedia.
MGS:TUS launches a Metal Gear hotline to answer every fan's question about the series. Our team will answer 3 questions max from each person weekly and they will only answer serious questions. This hotline has been established after witnessing the amount of false information that is been spreed in message boards when someone asks a simple Metal Gear question. This direct communication with the fans is vital to keeping them informed and happy.

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